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Is there a way to return an int value for a boolean field in a sql select statement?

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Do you mean a "bit" field? SQL Server has no boolean. And can you give some more background please so we understand the context. – gbn Sep 21 '11 at 15:23
declare @b bit = 1

select convert (int, @b)


select cast(@b as int)


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I think this is not SQL Server. Maybe PostgreSQL? Try this

create table booln1(a  boolean);
insert into booln1 values(true),(false);
select a, cast(a as int) as a1 from booln1;
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If that is really a boolean column, you can do this:

SELECT case 
          when boolean_value then 1
          else 0 
       end as boolean_as_integer
FROM your_table

that way you can also return other values than 1/0 if you need to.

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