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I just setup SQL Server 2012 (on Windows Server 2012) Always On feature and have a problem with connecting to SQL Server Listener from non-primary node (it works from primary node though).

Here is the scenario: 2 nodes in different subnets: SQL1 (primary) SQL2 (secondary) Listener: Name: SQLPROD1 Port: 1433 Subnets IP address

I can connect to SQLPROD1 in SSMS on primary node (either SQL1 or SQL2) but can't connect (not even ping) SQLPROD1 from secondary or from any other client in the network. I checked firewall and it doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem. I can ping SQL1 or SQL2 from any client but can't ping SQLPROD1.

Beside this, everything else works in Always On. I can successfully fail-over and see databases on other node.

Can you please help


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Are you sure that the hostname is resolving to the right IP address, or resolving at all? That would be my first verification. –  Thomas Stringer Mar 7 '14 at 18:45
Have you verified the listener is configured for both subnets? –  Steve Mangiameli Jan 16 at 19:43

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