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My customer is running MS SQL Server 2000. I completed a project, but I failed to realize that MS SQL Server 2000 will not allow a select inside insert into values thus giving the error:

Subqueries are not allowed in this context. Only scalar expressions are allowed.


insert into table_one (greeting_column, name_column)
values (
         (select column_1 from table_to where name = 'bob')

I'm calling this query from coldfusion10. I've already realized a solution utilizing coldFusion10 for this problem by replacing the select statement calling the query and storing the results in a coldFusion list variable, then iterate through a loop that inserts the contents of the CF list variable to its respective record, but this takes much more processing then a simple SQL statement. I've found solution like this:

CREATE PROC whatever
@REC int,
@ChangedIP varchar(15),
@ChangedBY varchar(30)
SELECT *, GETDATE(), @ChangedID, @ChangedBy FROM table WHERE record = @REC

But I don't think coldFusion will allow this in a query (will try after the weekend) Is there a way to re-write not using Transact-SQL Variables?

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You could use this code instead - just use the SELECT to provide the values, including a fixed literal:

INSERT INTO dbo.table_one (greeting_column, name_column)
      'hello', column_1 
      name = 'bob'

You cannot mix the VALUES() and the SELECT methods of providing values for an INSERT - either you can provide literals and SQL variables for a VALUES(.....) list of values - or then you need to use the SELECT instead

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