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i'm making a MySQL data base , my tables are: users, activitylog, activitytype.

to avoid repetitions i thought about including activitytype in each activity which is logged into activitylog table, for example:

1-Activity Types Table

2-Activity Log Table

enter image description here

Is it an interesting model if yes how could i do it ?

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How could i do it ? – Wozniak Mar 9 '14 at 20:22
Was my answer correct ? If so marked as ! – Up_One Mar 10 '14 at 2:25
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@Wozniak form what i can see you need the sql syntax t build this structure ! to do so use the syntax belew :

create table Activity_Types(
activity_type_id in,
activity_name varchar(20),
PRIMARY KEY (activity_type_id)

create table Activity_Log(
activity_id int,
user_id id,
activity_type_fk id,
activity_date date,
PRIMARY KEY (activity_id),
FOREIGN KEY (activity_type_fk) REFERENCES Activity_Types(activity_type_id)

Where foreign key that makes the relation is hold on the Activiy_log table under the activity_type_fk column.
to join this tables just use this columns !

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