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I am working on an Oracle 10g database which is being populated periodically with data from network nodes. What Oracle table can I query to to get the time at which myTableOfInterest was last populated?

I have already searched and tried: select max(ORA_ROWSCN), scn_to_timestamp(max(ORA_ROWSCN)) from myTableName; Unfortunately this select results in no rows being found.

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Have a look at the TIMESTAMP column of the ALL_TAB_MODIFICATIONS.

Also, keep in mind this part:

Note: These views are populated only for tables with the MONITORING attribute. They are intended for statistics collection over a long period of time. For performance reasons, the Oracle Database does not populate these views immediately when the actual modifications occur. Run the FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO procedure in the DIMS_STATS PL/SQL package to populate these views with the latest information. The ANALYZE_ANY system privilege is required to run this procedure.

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