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I had installed DB2 9.7 Express C at first. I tried to uninstall that version using the control panel and the add/remove programs option because I got the SQL500C error all the time upon system login (how to rectify this sql500c error?). However, i don't think it got fully uninstalled because when I tried to run the same db2 setup file to re-install the program, it showed error in the installation wizard and made no modifications to the system.

I then tried to install a different version of DB2 Express C : v10.5. However it showed me an error related to the DB2 Administration Server (DAS) along the lines of how the DAS could not be created. So, then I again searched on the internet and found the command "db2unins -f" command to force uninstall all db2 products from my system.

After running the "db2unins -f" command from the "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN" directory, an unexpected error occurs and a pop-up window appears with the message "IBM(R) DB2(R) has stopped working unexpectedly" with the options to either debug or close program. After closing the program, the DB2 files remain still in my Program Files folder.

I do not know how to get past this dilemma of uninstalling the DB2 products on my system.

Overall, my experience with using the IBM developer products have not been satisfactory and leave me wanting. These products are not user friendly at all except at first glance.

Help and aid would be much appreciated so that I can make some headway with my project and help my classmates.

Thank you.

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