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I restored a master database after a fallback by creating a new basebackup and making the promoted slave stand_by again. Per the logs everything is fine, however the following functions are not matching:

On master:

SELECT pg_current_xlog_location();

(1 row)

On slave:

select pg_last_xlog_receive_location();


(1 row)

select pg_last_xlog_replay_location();

(1 row)

The receive location is OK, but the replay is not... resulting in out to date data. Now I waited the whole night just in case... and even restarted slave several time, but it's not caching up. Is there a way or command I can execute to perform the pending transactions.

Thanks a lot

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What's in the log files on the replica? –  Craig Ringer Mar 14 at 23:21

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