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On SQL Server 2012 (SP1) Reporting Services (native), when creating a cache refresh plan in Report Manager, I receive the error:

Only members of sysadmin role are allowed to update or delete jobs owned by a different login.

This is unexpected because:

  1. Isn't it creating a job, not updating or deleting an existing one?

  2. The owner_sid of all the existing jobs in the "Reporting Services" category is that of NT Service\ReportServer. (Not sure how these were ever successfully created, somebody else must have created them.)

  3. NT Service\ReportServer is in the SQLAgentOperatorRole in msdb.

  4. The service is indeed running as NT Service\ReportServer.

I can "fix" this by giving NT Service\ReportServer the sysadmin (thus verifying the login being used is really NT Service\ReportServer). However, that level of access shouldn't be necessary given the facts above.

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If you are on CU7 or CU8, you may be hitting the issue mentioned this KB article since cache refresh plans also make use of SQL Agent. If so, updating to the newest CU should fix it

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