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I have an Oracle 10G database running on two machines in a resilient environment with shared storage. So when one of our system fails we simply switch the GSS to second database instance. Now I need to upgarde my databases to Oracle 11G. Is there any way to do this without stoping the databases ?

Secondly let me know if data storage synchronization canbe done between a 10G and an 11G. If yes , then How to do it ?

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How much downtime can you tolerate? How much effort are you willing to expend to achieve that goal? What edition of Oracle are you using? What is the architecture of your "resilient environment with shared storage"? Does that mean DataGuard? RAC? Something else? It's possible to do a zero downtime upgrade but that generally requires considerably more effort to configure, practice, test, etc. than a simpler upgrade. –  Justin Cave Mar 19 at 16:30

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