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I'm making a POS and currently kind of stuck on the order proccess due to the product attributes.

As of now the DB looks something like this:


tbl_attributes (attr id, name, extra price)

tbl_sales ( where i store the time, total price etc)

tbl_salelines ( where i store what items have being order for a certain sale).

Problem is storing the attributes for an item order. There isn't a fix amount of attributes one item can have. It could go from 1 to 10-15 therefor i don't think making some columns in the tbl_salelines with attr_1 attr_2 etc etc would solve this.

How should i approach this?

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Assuming that the attributes are for records in the tbl_salelines.

If the relationship is such that one salesline can have many attributes, then add a column for salesline_id in the tbl_attributes table.

If the relationship is such that one salesline can have many attributes AND one attribute can have many saleslines, then add an intersect table with attribute_id and salesline_id, where both of these id's are primary keys in their own table and are foreign keys in the intersect table. It may look like this...

select * from tbl_salesline_i_attribute;

------------  ------------
800           22
800           89
555           45
764           45

select * from tbl_salesline;

------------  ------------
800           foo
555           bar
764           foobar

select * from tbl_attribute;

------------  ------------       -------------
22            blue               3
89            glow-in-the-dark   3
45            extra large        10

In the example above, salesline 800 has two attributes on it (blue and glow-in-the-dark). Likewise, attribute 45 is on two saleslines.

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I ended up doing another table where i store the relations w, i was just hoping i could somehow avoid the extra table + extra queries. – Teris L Mar 21 '14 at 8:40

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