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We have a two node SQL 2008 Enterprise cluster in a data center in California, and are looking to move hosts from a leased environment to a colo environment much closer to our home office. Our cluster is quite busy with around 600GB of live data, so we're looking for a way to migrate with as little downtime as possible.

This is the only thing that I believe will be the challenge in the entire environment.

My initial thought was to add a passive node to the SQL Cluster and allow it to slowly replicate over to the other data center. Once caught up, it wouldn't be hard, in theory, to fail over to this node say overnight and be active, DNS propagated, and so on, by that morning.

Does this sound viable, and if not, are there some other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Note that both environments are very beefy resource wise, and one has 100MBps unmetered, while the destination is 1GBps unmetered. Bandwidth, space, and resources are not a concern.

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