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I am a new DBA working for a charity and I have project to consolidate the multiple databases scattered across the organisation.

I have identified the main databases that are mission critical to the organisation. We have a virtualised infrastructure. We currently run SQL Server 2008R2.

  1. Fundraising Database (off the shelf package)
  2. Case Load Services Database (Developed in house)
  3. Finance Database (off the shelf package)

Now the question I have is (bearing in mind limited budget and resources) is whether I should put all 3 of these databases on 1 single instance on 1 single Windows Server 2008 VM. Or would it be better to have them on a single box with 3 named instances? Or possibly even 3 separate VM Servers with 1 databases each?

Some advice on how others have structured their SQL boxes with similar sets of databases would be really beneficial.

Many thanks



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