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I have a list of invalid email addresses parsed in the following format;

enter image description here

There are roughly 1500 invalid addresses, and I need to remove them from my myBB users.

What SQL query can I run to remove the list from my database?

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What is the logic you use to decide between valid and invalid email addresses? – Vérace Jun 15 '14 at 5:36
Not sure if I've understood your requirements exactly, but this might be of interest - MySQL regexps for email. – Vérace Jul 20 '14 at 7:49

If you have a main table like this

    email VARCHAR(255),
    PRIMARY KEY (id)

You can built the table that contains the ids of the users with bad email addresses

CREATE TABLE users_invalid_emails
SELECT FROM users WHERE email LIKE 'email%' and email LIKE '';
ALTER TABLE users_invalid_emails ADD PRIMARY KEY (id);

Look over the content of users_invalid_emails. If the emails in that table are to be deleted, you can now do a DELETE JOIN:

DELETE A.* FROM users A INNER JOIN users_invalid_emails B USING (id);

Before you do this, make sure you have a backup of the table.

In your case, the code will be

CREATE TABLE myBBusers_invalid_emails
SELECT FROM my_BBusers WHERE email LIKE 'email%' and email LIKE '';
ALTER TABLE myBBusers_invalid_emails ADD PRIMARY KEY (id);
DELETE A.* FROM my_BBusers A INNER JOIN myBBusers_invalid_emails B USING (id);
DROP TABLE myBBusers_invalid_emails;

Give it a Try !!!

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As I'm new to mySQL and direct edits, I'm not sure of your experience with myBB, but I'll give you an example of a the fields within myBB_users; How would I use your code to work with the myBB_users table? – Jake Mar 27 '14 at 16:55
@Rolando, What's the performance of delete join? Would it be as slow as delete from x where email in (....)? – Pacerier Feb 5 '15 at 22:42

In case of you are having a list of the mail adresses maybe like that '', '' etc... you could do a simple

DELETE FROM myTable WHERE email in ('', '');

This might not be the best solution, but the easiest to undersand IMHO ;) However, be careful as delete means delete in most cases as in data are gone. Also not how your application handles deleting users like that.

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