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I recently made a rather stupid mistake and corrupt my Ubuntu installation. To resolve it, I booted with a live cd and copied the database files over. However, now I have copied the folders from the old installation into the new one, whenever I type "use database_name" it just freezes on this:

mysql> use my_database_name;
Reading table information for completion of table and column names
You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A

And then freezes without giving the terminal.

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On the first "use" command after login, MySQL scans database, tables and columns name for auto completion. If you have many db, tables it could take a while.

To avoid that, launch your client with the -A option (or --no-auto-rehash)

mysql -uroot -p -A

You could also add the disable_auto_rehash variable in your my.cnf (in the [mysql] section) if you want to disable it completly.


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Is there a way to do this dynamically without bounce of the MySQL server –  MySQLRockstar Apr 28 at 15:06
disable_auto_rehash is not a server variable but a client variable so it does not need a server reboot. Just add disable_auto_rehash in the [mysql] section in your my.cnf. –  Maxime FOUILLEUL May 8 at 19:53
I think the reason I actually asked this is because the slowness had only just started when I reinstated the database installs. The -A help was actually in my original question. –  Matthew Haworth May 27 at 14:13

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