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Schema does not list all fields, but only the relevant ones

  1. User adds credits/funds to his account using paypal or Internet Banking (which has to be verified manually, and approved, so the 'status' field in the receipts' table)
  2. After a receipt has been approved, the amount will be added to the account_balance of the user
  3. When a user makes a purchase from the site, the amount will be deducted from his account_balance
  4. Also, a user can request a withdrawal of his funds

Table: users

id | name | email | password | account_balance | created_at

Table: receipts

id | user_id | payment_method | transaction_datails | amount | status | created_at

Table: purchases

id | user_id | product_id | amount | created_at

Table: withdrawals

id | user_id | amount | created_at


Is it better to have a transactions table that stores all receipts, withdrawals, purchases in one table?

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