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We're in the process of phasing out an old system and migrating onto a new one. The last time that we phased out an old system, we ran both systems in parallel and integrated data between both until everything was fully migrated out in our field. During that process, I was able to build an integration between our legacy system and our new system that leveraged SQL Server's Change Data Capture to track changes and integrate those over incrementally.

For this next migration, the legacy system that we will be phasing out is based on MySQL v5.1.69 instead of SQL Server. I am not familiar with MySQL and I was wondering if there are any technologies similar to CDC that can be leveraged on MySQL in our current version or a newer version that would be worth migrating towards?

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LinkedIn has open-sourced their CDC tool Databus, which supports MySQL.

Another open source CDC tool (implemented in PHP) was written as a part of the FlexViews project.

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Awesome. Thanks, I'll check those out. – njkroes Apr 22 '14 at 20:50

You could try brew something based on the Triggers (AFTER INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE). I would think it depends on the Target System. How did CDC work? Did it propagate all the data and structure to a MySQL Database?

You can use the Triggers to fill a kind of work queues, so that if an entry EntryARownrX from table A gets changed, you stuff that info (table A, row nr X, Update/Insert/Delete) in a Queue Table and then transform that change to your new System (with reading the actual value of data directly from A for Insert or Update).

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Yeah, triggers are definitely an option. The nice thing about CDC is that it would automatically create and propagate tables based on inserts, updates and deletes without manually having to create the triggers. – njkroes Apr 22 '14 at 20:49

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