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I am trying to figure out if wal archiving from a standby is possible and a viable option for a backup strategy on Postgresql 9.3.

The idea is to be able to take regular base backups and wal archives from a standby server in a remote DR site.

Unfortunately, the archive_command functionality is not available while the server is in standby_mode mode so I am wandering if the wal archiving could be done successfully using alternative ways like rsync, lsyncd etc.

Has anyone tried to this path can you share your experience?

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For base backups just use pg_basebackup -X stream. No WAL archiving required. You can use the WAL archives from the master its self for your DR, no need to take separate archives from the standby. – Craig Ringer Apr 24 '14 at 1:28

Postgresql provides a pg_receivexlog utility that can be used instead of archive_command to do wal log archiving.

From the Doc: pg_receivexlog is used to stream transaction log from a running PostgreSQL cluster. The transaction log is streamed using the streaming replication protocol, and is written to a local directory of files. This directory can be used as the archive location for doing a restore using point-in-time recovery

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