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I am relatively new to DBA work and have a critical task in front of me, I really appreciate any detailed help you could offer. What I have a is a roughly 340 GB MySQL database on a Windows server.

I need to migrate it to a new windows server environment (better hardware, ram etc). MySQL is currently 5.0 and I need/want to also upgrade MySQL to something like 5.5-5.7 as well. I feel like with a DB that large MySQLdump is out of the question? I don't know what other way to migrate over to new hardware though other than maybe some kind of directory copy? But that might have hidden issues of its own particularly with a version upgrade in the plan (replication issues etc). The engine type is mixed but primarily innoDB. I would love to be able to optimize/repair the db as I am doing this via the mysqldump but that can be done later independently of course.

Can anyone help with a quasi step by step solution to how they might accomplish this? Downtime is NOT an issue as long as it doesn't exceed say 10 hours. I will be setting up replication to a linux box to avoid this issue in the future and allow me to use some percona tools (they told me they can't help with windows though) I really appreciate your time and guidance!


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Downtime is NOT an issue as long as it doesn't exceed say 10 hours. You can still run current MySQL 5.0 and switch to new 5.5/5.7 when everything is tested (probably by setting IP of new MySQL server in application that uses this database). Be careful when migrating MySQL users. Some may still use old passwords. Old passwords are not supported in MySQL 5.5/5.7. Reading this link might help dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/windows-upgrading.html –  broadband Apr 25 '14 at 9:05

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