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The given Oracle query inserts data into table by substituting variables. How I achieve the same in PostgreSQL?

INSERT INTO control_threshold (
    threshold_id, group_name, description, sql, low_value, high_value)
    threshold_seq.nextval, '&2', '&1',  TRIM('&5' || '&6' || '&7' || '&8' || '&9'),
    trim('&3'), trim('&4'));
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In reference to your deleted question: That deleted my answer as well, and I don't think your question was completely unfounded. There has been confusion before. I suggest you undelete it and edit in that your version of Postgres did not seem to support the type hstore. – Erwin Brandstetter Jul 14 '14 at 19:05

These variables are a feature of SQL*Plus.

psql, the equivalent program in the PostgreSQL world, also has variables.


\set variable 'value'


insert into mytable(mycolumn)
values (:variable);
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