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I have 20+ mysql servers and their have low write requirements.

So, I want to see if any way I can replicate the data/binlog from these servers to a single slave so realtime backup purpose.

If I have only a single master, then replication is easy, however, in this case, I have 20+.

Are there any easy way if I don't want to setup 20+ mysql salve on a single server?

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Till MySQL 5.6 released version, Multiple master to single slave replication is not possible. This type of replication is under development in MySQL 5.7 version.

you can refer below link:-

MySQL 5.7 Multi-Source-Replication

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@Howard As an alternative, you have MariaDB 10 multi-source replication: or you can setup your own thing in regular MySQL with mysqlbinlog 5.6 remote binlog backup – jynus May 3 '15 at 14:14

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