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We thought of upgrading MySQL to new version 5.5.16. While testing the scripts with the new version, I had found one column Maxvalue is a Keyword in latest version.

For this one, we need to change all the application where it is used. Instead is there any way to make the keyword Maxvalue interpret as a Normal column, so that we will not have to change our application.

Maxvalue is just column name, it is not the maximum value.

And I am looking for some other option apart from backticks: `Maxvalue`.

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I can see these choices

  • don't rename add backticks everywhere
  • rename the column

Like this

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Yeah I am aware of this, By using tilde we can continue this. I was looking for any other way, instead of changing in all places. –  Phanindra Oct 4 '11 at 8:06
unfortunately backticks are the way to do dereference keywords, so if that's not an option, the only other possibility is renaming the column, as @gbn said. –  Derek Downey Oct 4 '11 at 12:10

Not that I'm aware of, but you can keep the column name as "Maxvalue" if you wish, but you must remember to always dereference it when running a SQL query as follows;

SELECT max(`Maxvalue`) AS max_value
FROM `table_name`
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The answers from Dave and gbn are pretty much the only way.

You could set ANSI_QUOTES for the session's SQL MODE but you would have to derefernce using double quotes instead of the backquote (the whole sentence is a link)

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