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We have a database with large and complex files and fragmented indexes.

The environment is SQL 2008 Full recovery model and Mirrored which limits me to reorganizing.

The backup strategy is Full backup weekly, differential backup daily and transaction backup every 5 minutes.

When testing on a similar environment, (without automatic transaction backups), I have hung the mirror more than once with log files reaching beyond their bounds.

I found that if I manually run transaction log backups after a couple of Reorgs, the log files behave and my performance of the Reorgs is better.

Should I just let my 5 minute log backups run during the defrags, or should I stop the automatic log backups and script them to run between Reorgs?

Secondly, if I get my log files under control, Is it likely that I could somehow overwhelm the mirroring?

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Testing "without automatic transaction backups" is the most likely reason you ran out of log space, causing issues with the mirror. Try that test again, with transaction log backups happening every 5 minutes, and see what you get. –  Max Vernon May 8 '14 at 20:38

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