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Assuming I have a database column containing table names, how do I safely delete all of the tables it lists?

The tables themselves are fairly simple - they may have indeces, but definitely don't contain other complex items (and don't have dependencies on other tables - ie, foreign keys into/out of them, etc...)

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Something along the lines of the following should work.

CREATE TABLE dbo.TablesToDrop
    TableName SYSNAME
INSERT INTO dbo.TablesToDrop VALUES ('Table1');
INSERT INTO dbo.TablesToDrop VALUES ('Table2');
INSERT INTO dbo.TablesToDrop VALUES ('Table3');
SET @Cmd = '';
SELECT @Cmd = @Cmd + 'DROP TABLE ' + QUOTENAME(t.TableName) + ';'
FROM dbo.TablesToDrop T;
--EXEC sp_executesql @Cmd;

Uncomment the last line to actually execute the DROP TABLE statements.

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Please read this answer by Martin Smith, then stop using variable concatenation, even for 'simple' uses. It's a bad habit you should kick :) – Paul White May 17 '14 at 7:39

if your database column contains below table names:


Then you can use:

select 'drop table '+quotename(column_name) + char(10) +'go'from table_name

In text mode it will generate sql to drop them. Execute the generated sql by VERIFYING that you indeed want to drop the tables in another query window.

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