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I'm trying to migrate a system to MySQL Cluster which holds space around 30GB while it's originally stored in single mysql database where the storage engine is InnoDB. I try to write non-indexed colums to the disk on cluster because I don't have enough memory to hold all the data at memory. But here i got a problem;
I create a tablespace group with 2 30GB datafile. Which creates total of 60GB space on each node.( NoOfReplicas = 2 and I got 2 data nodes so all the data is replicated). But I get the Error "Table is Full" when the data should hold around 8GB space at InnoDB. There are lots of "text" type colums in database and I know on disk data for example varchar(255) hold space like all the column is filled with data on each row.
But still can it take that much space(60GB instead 8GB)? Am I missing some kind of parameter or something?
Sorry for "long texted" question I wanted to clarify everything in my question.

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Do show table status like 'tablename'; and you will see what is the approximate row length and compare that with the maximum possible length. And you will get the idea how much your data will grow when converted to MySQL Cluster disk tables. –  Mindaugas Riauba Jun 6 '14 at 16:13

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