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I have created a certificate and now I want to remove certificate signature and drop the certificate. When I supply the certificate name directly it is working but when I'm making use of local variables to supply the name its giving me syntax error.

I have tried with different datatypes as well

text, varbinary(max), char(200), varchar(200), nvarchar(200)

None of these datatypes are working.

declare @certificate nvarchar(200) 
set @certificate = 'ITManagerCertificate'

begin transaction

use DBwork
-- remove signature from stored procedure
drop signature from Report_Manager
by certificate @certificate

-- drop certificate
--DROP CERTIFICATE N@certificate 

if @@ERROR > 0
   rollback transaction
else begin
   commit transaction
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I don't think you can use a variable in this situation. – Mark Sinkinson Jun 9 '14 at 8:36
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I don't know if you can pass a paramater in this situation. Please try to create your query in a variable, like:

declare @query as nvarchar(255);
set @query = 'drop signature from Report_Manager by certificate ' + @certificate;

and then execute the query like:

EXECUTE sp_executesql @query
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