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How do I translate this into SQL Server:

-Sum((12=[GroupNum])*[BoardStatus]) AS G12
FROM QryAllBoardsByPacketIDs INNER JOIN tBsReportGroups ON QryAllBoardsByPacketIDs.NominalLengthMetric=tBsReportGroups.NomLenMet
GROUP BY QryAllBoardsByPacketIDs.ParentPacketID, QryAllBoardsByPacketIDs.GradeID, QryAllBoardsByPacketIDs.NominalWidthMetric, QryAllBoardsByPacketIDs.NominalThicknessMetric;

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I think you need to explain what this part does (12=[GroupNum])*[BoardStatus]. It looks like you are summing all rows where GroupNum is 12. If that is a case then you could use sum(BoardStatus) and add a where clause where GroupNum = 12. –  Mikael Eriksson Jun 18 at 5:21

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Not quite sure I follow as I rarely use Access, but I believe this is what you're looking for:

   CASE WHEN 12=[GroupNum] THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
   * [BoardStatus]
   ) AS G12

CASE...WHEN is the inline "if" of T-SQL.

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I would like to ask if the -SUM has any translation –  user1124937 Jun 19 at 6:38

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