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I have this query:

"SELECT * FROM `" . $table . "` WHERE STR_TO_DATE(data, '%d/%m/%Y')=(SELECT max(STR_TO_DATE(data, '%d/%m/%Y')) FROM " . $table . ")
    AND hour=(SELECT MAX(hour)-".$delta_hour."
 FROM  `" . $table . "` WHERE STR_TO_DATE(data, '%d/%m/%Y')=(SELECT max(STR_TO_DATE(data, '%d/%m/%Y')) FROM " . $table . ")) 
 ORDER BY `" . $table . "`.`cell`  ASC"

$table - My table;
$delta_hour - hours ago;

I have to create a method getRecords($table, 12) where 12 is $delta_hour(12 hours ago);
If the result is zero then I have to use the same method, but using 24 as $delta_hour.

I can't understand how to change the DATE.

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Must date and time be in separate fields? If not, perhaps you can convert the two fields into one DATETIME field, and use DATE math on it.

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