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I am in the process of converting an old MS Access database to SQL Server, so naturally I started off by using the upsizing wizard. Unfortunately, out of about 80 queries, the upsizing wizard was only able to convert 5 or so, because the rest use parameters (the kind where Access prompts you to fill in the parameter value when you run the query), and there are also reports that depend on those queries.

Is there any way to automatically convert those queries to stored procedures in SQL Server or does that have to be done manually? And once they are converted, how can I configure the reports in Access to use those stored procedures as their data source and prompt the user to fill in the parameter values like before? The client does not have the budget to convert the reports to SQL Server reports.

From searching around the web, I did see some people reporting that they were able to convert such queries to SQL Server stored procedures automatically (e.g. the comments at the bottom of http://sqlmag.com/database-development/beyond-upsizing-wizard), but unfortunately I could not find any details on this. And as to the reports, I found this but I'm not sure where to put that code.

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