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I have created a MYSQL cluster using network speed 100-megabit Ethernet

  • 2 Data Node (3G RAM)
  • 1 Management Node (3G RAM)
  • 2 SQL Node (3G RAM)
  • 2 HAProxy with heartbeat cluster to balance between SQL Nodes

and I have created a separated MYSQL server (3G RAM)

I want to compare between this two MYSQLs and prove that MYSQL cluster is the best

I searched on the Internet for a big database and found (4 million row) link and exported on the two MySQLs

I was surprised when I started testing quires the MYSQL server speed than MYSQL cluster, is this normal? and how to compare?

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I am sorry I posted this question on serverfault I didn't know there is dba.stackexchange.com –  motaz Jun 28 at 18:40
"MYSQL cluster is the best", - MySQL cluster is not the best. It's different. And if it's not obvious it's better to stick with MySQL server. –  akuzminsky Jun 28 at 19:08