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I wrote the first query below that I was hopeing to give me the exact same results that the 2nd query does, but it seems there is one recrod different:

    SELECT     DocumentSourceName
     FROM         dbo.DocumentSource
     WHERE     (DocumentSourceName NOT IN
                      (SELECT     DocumentSourceName
                        FROM          dbo.DocumentSource AS DocumentSource_1
                        WHERE      (DocumentSourceName LIKE 'ZZ%')))


    SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT f.FacilityName, ds.DocumentSourceName, ds.DocumentSourceNotes
    FROM         dbo.DocumentSource AS ds INNER JOIN
                  dbo.Facility AS f ON ds.DocumentSourceFacility = f.FacilityID
    WHERE     (ds.DocumentSourceName NOT LIKE 'ZZ%') AND (ds.DocumentSourceInactive = 0)

So is it because of the "Top 100 percent" that I think its the same as the '*' or its because I have the "AND" in the "Where" Clause? Please advice. Thanks

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Since your WHERE clauses are different, that is the most likely cause of different results. "TOP 100 PERCENT" has no effect; the results would be the same if it were excluded. – dartonw Jul 2 '14 at 22:06
@dartonw Thanks you for the clarifying this, as it puzzled me when I saw Top and the 100, then its the same as SELECT *. I will check the filtering in the Where clause, thanks again. – Mary Jul 3 '14 at 16:45
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The TOP does nothing - based on the fact that it's "100%".

The first query is essentially the same as: WHERE (ds.DocumentSourceName NOT LIKE 'ZZ%'), but the second has more filters...

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Thanks for your reply, I will have to know the data better to judge why they added this filter that I wasn't thinking of. – Mary Jul 3 '14 at 16:43

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