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I have a large daily data feed which can contain up to around 5,000 ID's. I need to delete all pre-existing records in the DB that are not referenced in the new feed. Should I create a temporary table for these 5,000 ID's, and run a LEFT JOIN IF NULL DELETE statement? Or, is it all the same if I just pass the ID's over and run a DELETE IF NOT IN statement. My assumption is that MySQL would do the work of creating the temp table for me when using IN statements.

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With a large set you may want to use an NOT EXISTS clause rather than a NOT IN clause. It will help if you index the id on your feed table. Using an index will allow the optimizer to use the index rather than reading the table. Try a query like:

FROM    table
    FROM    feed
    WHERE = )
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Thank you BillThor, your answer was the tipping point in my decision to rebuild my entire process. When building a large import feed like mine, I believe a staging table is the only way to go, particularly if you want to run batch queries. Otherwise, you'll require mountains of application code to accomplish what you can with just a little SQL – Brandon Buster Jul 25 '14 at 14:47

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