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I'm the developer of my employers corporate private website, a HTML5/PHP/CSS powered site for company reports etc. The site, hosted on a shared hosting package, connects to a remote read-only MySQL DB server for authentication and report data queries. This remote DB is mainly used by a separate windows exe.

The remote DB goes down frequently which of course causes the private website to bomb out on a MySQL connection error. I've thought about replicating the remote DB to the site's local hosted MySQL DB and using the local DB as the site's primary and only DB connection.

Is there a way of synchronising the remote DB to the site's shared hosting DB in a simple and pain free way? Like every hour it updates or something?

Or is there a function where the site's hosting package MySQL DB functionality can cache the remote DB data and use that as a fallback.

Thanks in advance.

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my replication should be enough for you Read – Rodrigo Gonzalez Jul 29 '14 at 21:56
Replication seems unlikely to be a possibility in this case, depending on what exactly OP means by "shared hosting." – Michael - sqlbot Jul 29 '14 at 23:25
@Rodrigo - Thanks for the guide I'll look at that now. @ Michael - The shared hosting is a namecheap pro shared linux hosting account. [link] [/link] – Matt Jul 30 '14 at 13:28

Check here (

It explain how to Compare-Copy a DB to another DB, my case is the same as yours.

Depending on your access level you can:

  • Use a external client as middle man (to make de compare-copy)
  • Script in PHP to check new lines in the original DB and copy them
  • Use one of the many tools of MySQL to copy
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