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I have a db that in one column have 5 possible values: "Fechado", "Aberto", "Em Despiste", "Cancelado", "Resolvido".

And im trying to do a query that counts the values to a json file

var data = "SELECT COUNT (*) FROM graficos WHERE ESTADO='FECHADO'";

I've tried this and it gives me [{"":189}]. How can i get the count of the other values ?

I think that this is a simple question but i can't reach it...It is possible to have the count of the other values on the same query ?

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I'm not seasoned in this SE site. But this doesn't seem like a question for DBA's. More like a question for developers. Stackoverflow seems like a better fit. – Cruncher Aug 19 '14 at 15:37
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You can return a list and then resolve it in code, if you like.

FROM graficos 
WHERE ESTADO IS NOT NULL -- Discounting NULL values, if any

This will return a list of each distinct ESTADO value, and the number of rows containing that value in graficos table.

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