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Hi I installed the latest WAMP on Windows 7. I would like connect via SSH to MySQL database and create dump.

As SSH client I use PUTTY.

I tried using the root account and also other accounts, but I get this error:

server unexpectedly closed network connection

Then I tried using another SSH client Private Shell http://www.privateshell.com/

I get this error:

other side does not support SSH protocol on this port

For connection I use these settings:

  • IP: localhost
  • PORT: 3306

MySQL version is 5.5.16 I am not sure if support SSH connection.

Is it needed to allow SSH in phpAdmin or what is the root of problem?

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Is there a SSH server on your machine?? If not you may install copssh - OpenSSH for Windows or similar and then try to connect.

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You need to have ssh server running on windows. I use bitvise winsshd

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You need to

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Much simpler way to go about this.

Copy cmd.exe from your system32 folder, copy to: C:\wamp\bin\mysql\MYSQL_VERSION\bin

Open cmd, run the following command:

mysqldump.exe -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD DB_NAME > "DIRECTORY_TO_DUMP.sql" --lock-tables=false


Using the various executables, you can do pretty much anything.

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