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Can access to OEM be restricted to the point where you can allow a non-admin user access to it but they can't modify any objects but can still view performance data, alerts, sessions, etc? I am a former DBA now developer and I don't have an environment where I can go verify this myself.

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You allow a non-admin user access to the Performance area of OEM by granting them the OEM_MONITOR role. However, be aware that this role does have a few additional priviliges that you may not want to provide. In that case I would create a similar role to OEM_MONITOR but with a reduced set of privileges.

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Yes, just create the user with the PUBLIC role, then grant them VIEW ANY TARGET.

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I'd have thought that for the tasks requested (view perf data etc) they'd also need appropriately privileged database users on the targets they have access to, strictly I suspect these wouldn't count as read-only users. – Niall Litchfield Nov 25 '11 at 8:47

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