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I want a key-value store, with records stored on disk. (There are too many for memory.) I want to use a single machine.

What key-value store will provide the fastest random reads (off disk)?

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Without context, this is a poor question.

Bound to a single machine your requirement is a function of IO performance, not platform. An Access mdb file on a FusionIO card could outperform Trinity on a 5400rpm drive in a narrow band of tests.

You'll have to be more specific if you want answers of any value.

Edit: following comment.

Context would be a description of what you're building. As I indicated, whichever k-v system you choose you will be IO bound when constrained to a single machine. On EC2 block storage the choice of k-v becomes even more irrelevant.

If you're building on EC2 look at the native products they already provide e.g. SimpleDB or Elasticache.

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What additional context would you like? This will be a single EC2 machine, with 8GB of memory. – Joseph Turian Nov 19 '11 at 23:19

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