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Where can I find information on which packages are required to install Oracle on Solaris 11? The documentation only mentions Solaris 10. I tracked down the packages required for Solaris 10, and most of them are either included in the GA release of Solaris 11 or obsoleted.

There are however a couple of packages that are missing from the base install of Solaris 11:

  • SUNWarc (renamed to):

    • consolidation/osnet/osnet-incorporation (installed)
    • developer/library/lint (missing)
  • SUNWhea (renamed to):

    • consolidation/osnet/osnet-incorporation (installed)
    • system/header (misising)

So it looks like developer/library/lint and system/header are packages from required for Solaris 10 that are missing from the Solaris 11 base install.

The installer however doesn't seem to be looking for any packages whatsoever. Although it does check the kernel version (5.11) Does that mean all the packages needed are bundled in Solaris 11 and it's safe to install the database?

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