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I was wondering if there was a way I can execute a SQL Loader script from SQL Plus.

We are using Oracle 10g.

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An alternative technique may be to use an external table. There is no need to take your CSV (or whatever) file and load it in a separate step. Simply declare your external table in the correct format (this is almost identical to a SQL*Loader parfile, but wrapped in a CREATE TABLE statement) and you can issue a SELECT directly against it, once the file is in the right place. It will create .BAD and .LOG files, just like SQL*Loader for any records that can't be cast to the datatypes in the table. You could expect better performance too. These days I would consider SQL*Loader to be for legacy apps only.

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Just found out that this approach won't work for loading (C)LOBs. I guess I'll give @BenV's suggestion a try ... – Thomas Jung Jan 8 at 22:12

You should be able to run it via the HOST command:

SQL> host /path/to/ora/bin/sqlldr parfile=...
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