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I am trying dynamically build an SQL Statement that includes linked server. That works. When I use "localhost" to reference the current local machine SQL Server, that doesn't work.

For example:

Select * From [LOCALHOST\SQLEXPRESS].[My_Database].[dbo].[My_Table]

However, if I specify my machine name instead, it will work.

Select * From [My_Machine\SQLEXPRESS].[My_Database].[dbo].[My_Table]

Why can't I reference Localhost?

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You can only reference servers that are listed under Server Objects -> Linked Servers as well as the local server via what you get back from @@SERVERNAME. Four part naming does not trigger a NETBIOS / DNS lookup. If you are referencing the local machine anyway, why not just use three part naming?

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I have a store procedure that dynamically build up a sql statement by combine server name, database name, schema and table name together. Good thing the integration test failed due the server name parameter that we pass in is Localhost. I will have to figure out another way to build the sql. – dsum Dec 6 '11 at 17:59

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