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How can we restore mysql database with different name from mysqldump file. I dont't want to open dump file and edit it. Any other better methods?

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You can let mysqldump create the dump in such a way that it does not create or select the database.

EXAMPLE : You are dumping the database db1 and loading it into database db2

This will put in the CREATE DATABASE and the USE commands in the dump

mysqldump -u... -p... --routines --triggers --databases db1 > /root/db1.sql

This will not put in the CREATE DATABASE and the USE commands in the dump (this is what you want)

mysqldump -u... -p... --routines --triggers db1 > /root/db1.sql

You can load it into another database (such as db2) in one of four(4) ways:


$ mysqldump -u... -p... --routines --triggers db1 | mysql -u... -p... -A -Ddb2


$ mysqldump -u... -p... --routines --triggers db1 > /root/db1.sql
$ mysql -u... -p... -A -Ddb2 < /root/db1.sql


$ mysqldump -u... -p... --routines --triggers db1 > /root/db1.sql
$ mysql -u... -p... -A -Ddb2
mysql> source /root/db1.sql


$ mysqldump -u... -p... --routines --triggers db1 > /root/db1.sql
$ mysql -u... -p... -A
mysql> use db2
mysql> source /root/db1.sql

Give it a Try !!!

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Thanks RolandoMySQLDBA,,, It worked..:) –  Praveen Prasannan Dec 8 '11 at 13:16
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I have done this once, long time ago.

When you export all your data, there is an option to set the database name in the begining of the file, something as: "use database x"

So, you can change this declaration.

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Here is the shell script that will allow you to add suffix / affix to all the schema names on the fly.


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