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I restored all database backup from another server's dumpfile to my machine. At the end my mysql server's password changed to that mysql server's password. Why it got overwritten? What i need to do to prevent this? Thanks & Regards, Praveen.

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can you please give the command which you have used in creating dump and then restoring it... – Abdul Manaf Dec 9 '11 at 10:10
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According to me you have also dumped the mysql database which contains the users privileges in the users table of mysql database. & one more-thing you may have used --add-drop-database or --add-drop-table while generating the dump

i.e mysqldump -u user -p passwordd --add-drop-database --all-databases > /home/dump.sql

and when you have restored it on your local machine as your dump contains the drop table it had firstly dropped your user table in mysql database and then restored new one from the dump thats why you are facing the problem. so don't include the mysql database while generating the dump.

please see various option of mysqldump using mysqldump --help.


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