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I use a statement set global general_log = 'ON' to enable the general_log on my computer.

After I restart or shutdown it, I have to run the statement again.

How can I config MySQL write general log without to run the statement again and again?

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Add this to my.ini


If you have a specfic place for the log, such as C:\mysql_general.log


It's one of those. I haven't done mysql in Windows in a while.

Then restart mysql

net start mysql

Give it a Try !!!


Prior to MySQL 5.6, you can use log.

In MySQL 5.6, log is deprecated. Use general-log instead.

UPDATE 2011-12-09 22:18 EDT

If you do not have my.ini defined, then you must define one.

To keep things simple, just create my.ini in the folder where my-huge.ini, my-large.ini, my-medium.ini, and my-small.ini appear. Just open up notepad on my.ini in that folder.

Then add the lines I mentioned before:




UPDATE 2011-12-09 22:26 EDT

In the worst case, try putting my.ini in C:\

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Execuse me, but I have my-huge.ini, my-large.ini, my-medium.ini, my-small.ini. Which one is the approriate ini? I use xampp for php mysql and apache. – noctilux Dec 10 '11 at 3:10

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