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I'm looking for a portable sample database that

  • can be created from a script
  • has a simple ER model
  • has little data for database administration practicing purposes.

I know that there is e.g. Adventureworks, Northwind and pubs sample databases out there, but I'm looking for something smaller.

Any idea where I can find this kind of database?

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Why smaller?? All of those databases you listed can be scripted and easily ported. – Thomas Stringer Dec 10 '11 at 13:53
Smaller ER model, more easily adopted. – jrara Dec 10 '11 at 14:16
Smaller than pubs? It only has 10 tables with 20s of rows in each. Any smaller is too trivial and worthless for learning. – Greenstone Walker Aug 21 '14 at 1:27
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Take a look at the Dell DVD Store database. It's available for multiple databases, SQL Server included.

The Dell DVD Store is an open source simulation of an online ecommerce site with implementations in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL along with driver programs and web applications

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Adventureworks database is already setup with flaws that provide good practice.

There is also a BI database offered as well by MS, search for "Contoso BI demo". This database is only offered as a backup file which provides you practice for one vital task that every DBA should know: restore.

There are a ton of data sets on the world wide web that offer practice on building your own "small" database. I am doing this now to practice design, scripting, and working with SSRS.

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What flaws does AdventureWorks have? – Thomas Stringer Dec 11 '11 at 1:19
maybe not flaws necessarily but improvements could be made, guess indexes and such – Shawn Melton Dec 11 '11 at 3:58

You can't find more small ones. :-)

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Besides the AdventureWorks and AdventureWorks2008 databases which have about 600 objects, there are a couple of smaller MS sample databases: AdventureWorksDW, AdventureWorksDW2008, AdventureWorksLT, AdventureWorksDW2008, each one contains about 150 objects

You can download them here:

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Use the official sample databases from MySQL:

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