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My problem is that I recently deployed Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 Express to create a database for a locally hosted application to access. To save myself time I used the /CONFIGURATIONFILE option to set it all up to run from the command line so I could stript the installation from soup to nuts.

I now am trying to use the same ini file with Micro SQL Server 2012 RC0 and the thing won't install quietly. I continually get the Window to configure installation even if I use /Q="true", /QS="true", and I even tried /QUIET="true" but the window continues to open.

Is there a way to force MS SQL Server 2012 RC0 to install quietly or is that functionality that is not in this release?

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Have you specified the rest of the required command line parameters for a quiet install for instance IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS?

This help page covers the required parameters for a quiet command line install.

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Call setup.exe with your configuration file and "/q" and in the configuration file use INDICATEPROGRESS="False" – Jason Cumberland Jan 17 '12 at 18:33

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