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I'm looking to be able to create a database diagram without actually creating database objects. It seems like the best way to do this would be directly through SSMS. My only question is, is there a way to not have SSMS create the database objects when you create them in the database diagram?

I want this as a planning and design tool, not necessarily for implementation yet. I just want to lay it all out without actually creating any tables yet. When I am in the Database Diagram and click New Table, I just want it to create the new table to be used in the diagram as opposed to a table database object being created in the database.

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AFAIK - there is no way to do it in SSMS, use other tools for that, such as Microsoft Visio, ERWin etc. - there are a lot of them.

You may create a dummy database and draw you diagrams there, thinking of underlying creating objects as about a part of diagram itself. 8-)

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Note that visio pro won't let you generate a database from the model. The version that comes with VS2002 or VS2003 enterprise architect comes with a subsystem that does. The type library for the DB modelling engine is also incomplete and it doesn't expose automation interfaces, so you can only get at it through in-process VBA code. – ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Dec 31 '11 at 15:20

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