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Plan A: If dull and shiny don't change, leave both in effect?... GRANT ... TO dbuser@dull ...; GRANT ... TO dbuser@shiny ...; But, beware, this could leave the "production" system accessible to "QA". (Assuming that is really what you are doing.) Plan B: A simple script (after transferring): UPDATE mysql.user SET host = 'shiny' WHERE host = 'dull'; ...


Try this: SELECT correct_picks, points, pick_user_id, bp, (bp + points) AS total, user_user_id, username, avatar_date, avatar_width, avatar_height, gravatar, gender FROM ( SELECT COUNT(game.game_id) AS correct_picks, SUM(game.points) points, pick.user_id AS 'pick_user_id', -- Alias to avoid same name with user.user_id (SELECT ...

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