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Actually, I think this is the opposite of a bug. the 2008 document states "Source and target tables must share the same filegroup" but it looks as though they only started paying attention to their rules in 2014. This article (made for 2014 / 2016 CTE) states "The corresponding indexes, or index partitions, must also reside in the same filegroup" TechNet


I'm not sure why you are getting that error. I have 2 solutions. The solutions will give you an error if your data truly can't be converted to unsigned bigint. ALTER TABLE `order_item_units` ADD COLUMN `parent_id2` BIGINT(255) UNSIGNED AFTER `parent_id`; UPDATE `order_item_units` SET `parent_id2` = `parent_id`; SELECT * FROM `order_item_units` WHERE ...

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