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ALTER TABLE to partition the table is out of the question here. What you really need is a set of stored procedures that will migrate the data in a new table with minimal downtime (less than 10 seconds). CREATE NEW PARTITION TABLE DELIMITER $$ DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `sp_DeviceLog_Create` $$ CREATE PROCEDURE `sp_DeviceLog_Create`( TargetDB VARCHAR(64), ...


There are two tools you can use to do this. 1) Percona's PT-ONLINE-SCHEMA-CHANGE which can be found here (Percona is a very big hitter in the MySQL world). and there is also 2) Shlomi Noach's oak-online-alter-table which can be found here. Noach's c.v. is also impressive. Public awards Oracle Technologist of the Year: Developer award Oracle ACE MySQL ...

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