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Since I don't know exactly what error you are getting, I will just let you know what error I get based on your code and the database I chose to test against. I will note a good portion of the properties you are using, are not valid in SQL Server 2012 SMO (at least on my machine) The end result I used for the script is at the end. I got a few different ...


Whether encrypted RDs is disk/file level encrypted or db level encrypted? I have done some searching, but could bot able to get a clear answer. The encryption is done at the file/disk level. From this page, emphasis mine: Amazon RDS encrypted instances provide an additional layer of data protection by securing your data from unauthorized access to ...


It looks like it must have been the zone (sub-region) that was the issue. The slow loading happened when the EC2 container with the *.sql file was in us-east-1a and the RDS instance was in us-east-1b.


The best way is to create a new database, then do show tables in the database you want to move from, and then do for every table: rename table old_db.TABLE_NAME to new_db.TABLE_NAME


PROBLEM #1 Your major problem is having at least 10000 tables Here is the issue I see RDS Instance was All InnoDB How many file handles are open if you have 10000 InnoDB tables ? One file handle for the .frm file One file handle for the .ibd file This would be a maximum of 20000 open file handles RDS Instance was All MyISAM How many file handles ...


Changing Instance Class: From the documentation "Modifying a DB Instance and Using the Apply Immediately Parameter", changing the instance class and setting "Apply Immediately" to false will result in: The change being applied during the next maintenance window. The change causing an outage to occur. Since the instance is Multi-AZ and you're changing ...

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