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Use sql*loader to load the data : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14215/ldr_params.htm#sthref540 (or external tables). 1) setup a .ctl file with your file format 2) setup / point to a receiving table in your database. 3) invoke sql*loader (sqlld)


session_replication_role I found an alternative way of disabling foreign keys -- http://stackoverflow.com/a/18709987 set session_replication_role = replica; And re-enabling them with set session_replication_role = default; This works on RDS but still requires unusual privileges (i.e. not granted by default). dropping and recreating FKs Alternative ...


The restriction is the same modern Postgres and in Amazon RDS. Per documentation: To be able to create a cast, you must own the source or the target data type and have USAGE privilege on the other type. To create a binary-coercible cast, you must be superuser. (This restriction is made because an erroneous binary-coercible cast conversion can ...


Here's a workaround that works for me: Create the schema then dump the tables only, in order such that no FK constraint checks fail: pg_dump --username=postgres --data-only --table=table_1 --table=table_2 --table=table_3 --table=... --format=custom foo > foo.dump pg_restore will now work.


Not sure if you found a solution to this but for us it seems to be related to the size of data leaving the VPC. If you run a query with a small result set: show collation like '%utf8_swedish%'; The result returns fine, but if you take away the like and get a large result set back it fails. We're still investigating the problem but not sure you found a ...


By definition, "replication" means an exact copy. So the data type of your ID (primary key) columns is irrelevant. Whatever data is written into the master database gets written into the replicants be it integers, UUIDs, or text. Think "Xerox copies of each invoice as written", not "writing new fresh separate invoices". If you are exchanging data between ...

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