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This error was resolved by adding a second IP to the listener. The IP address for both subnets cannot be an IP address already in use, i.e. the IP address of one of the nodes. A DNS entry is also not needed since the Listener creates the DNS entry as part of the process.


I am talking about database mirroring as I am not sure whether this discussion holds same for AG which I assume it will be. I am talking about Synchronous mirroring and as per my knowledge actually following happens Following happens when suppose DML is started on Database principal 1.The transaction Log record from DML transaction would be inserted into ...


Create a new table Table_A_Archive with exactly the same schema as Table_A_Changes. Partition both these tables by, say, one-month date ranges. As data becomes stale in Table_A_Changes swap that partition out and swap it into Table_A_Archive. Your data retention policy can be efficiently enforced this way, too. A view which unions the two tables can make ...


I see you're combining Failover Cluster Instances (FCIs) and Database Availability Groups. That's fine, except that the installer won't allow you to set up an availability group on failover cluster instances that can be owned by the same servers, just like the error message says. In other words, the set of servers that can run HRITS\BAK can't overlap with ...

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