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No it is not possible to set up three availability groups of different SQL Versions (I think that is your real question). It is possible to set up an availability group solution to meet your needs, however, but you would have to have all servers at the sames Windows Server level (2012R2 preferred) and SQL Server Level (SQL2012+). Availability Groups is like ...


It is possible, provided that: all servers run the same post 2012 version, preferably 2014 and all patched to the same SP/CU. all servers are licensed to Enterprise Edition all servers are in the same domain, or a within domains that trust each other Perhaps you are interested in Transactional Replication instead? This would support a heterogeneous ...


You use synchronous commit mode. This means transactions committed on the primary will also be committed on the secondary (over your network). So, if you failover during a transaction it will be rolled back when the secondary is brought online after recovery. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff877931.aspx Synchronous-commit mode protects your ...


I recommend that you leave TDE on and restore the encryption key on the second sql server. Restore the backups and get everything working normally. If the restore succeeds and DBCC CHECKDB succeeds on both databases on the second server with no errors then on the second server disable TDE.


Yes, CDC will work with SQL Server Always ON availability groups. Check Change Data Capture. There is already an answer here - Does Change Data Capture (CDC) work in a SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances setup?

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