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Very interesting question .. Based on my understanding, I will try to answer this. Other experts can correct me wherever I am wrong. AlwaysON is different from Database Mirroring especially when sending the log blocks to the secondary replica/s. The difference is how the log block gets send to the mirrored instance (for mirroring) or replica (for ...


Does it mean that former primary replica (A) will become primary replica automatically? No, all that means is when your replica comes back into the picture, and when the Availability Group database gets back in a SYNCHRONIZED state that it would be failover ready. That operation will not happen automatically. You indeed would have to either do this ...


I pulled the oldest full backup I could find and was able to restore that over the Restoring db using: RESTORE DATABASE [ZOMBIEDB] FROM DISK = N'D:\ZOMBIEDB.bak' WITH FILE = 1, NOUNLOAD, REPLACE, STATS = 5 I was then able to delete the restored database.

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