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Unfortunately no, you can't exclude anything from a backup. If you are talking about Windows Logins then it probably isn't that big a deal. The SIDs won't match anything on their network (very unlikely anyway) so all they will have is the usernames without any of the permissions associated. SQL Logins of course will work fine as long as they create a ...


Maybe those files are not cataloged by RMAN? I would CATALOG them and then DELETE OBSOLETE once again.


Converting my comment to answer (read the comments in the script) : if you are using the same backup file name (ICT.bak) every time you backup, its better to use INIT. This way the previous file gets overwritten. USE master -- here no need to use the name of the database that you are backing up. Other RDBMS like SybaseASE will thorw an error saying that ...


Your log backups are being done by the Log shipping process, that is after all what is there to do. So, you will generally not include log backups in your backup strategy but take into account how often your log shipping process runs. You would only worry about taking full and/or differential backups against the databases involved in log shipping.


Backing up the entire database to a single file would be much slower. You can consider below points Stripe your backups across different spindles on a SAN. Use backup compression (costs you more CPU) but it results in fewer overall I/O operations during backup and restore operations. you can use the trace flags 3605 and 3213 to find out the default ...


What you need is partial backups. innodb_file_per_table=ON is a prerequisite to make it work. In your case procedure would be like following: Take a partial backup from the production server innobackupex --databases="mydatabase" /path/to/backup On the destination server prepare the backup copy for export: innobackupex --apply-log --export ...


SQL Server supports piecemeal restores. From that link: Piecemeal restore works with all recovery models, but is more flexible for the full and bulk-logged models than for the simple model. So you should be OK with the FULL recovery model. I'd suggest you partition your tables. The log tables especially should be amenable to partitioning by write ...

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